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Hot Selling Medium and 3N High Purity Alumina Powder with Stable Performance 99.9%

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Hot Selling Medium and 3N High Purity Alumina Powder with Stable Performance 99.9%

High purity alumina

  • Molecular formula AL2O3
  • Molecular weigh 102
  • Melting point 2050 ℃
  • Specific gravity AL2O3 α Type 2.5-3.95g/cm3
  • Crystal form γ Type,α type
  • Features High purity, particle size can be controlled according to the process, uniform particle size distribution, white odorless powder








Other Names






Place of Origin

China Hebei

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade




White powder


used for grinding and polishing

Brand Name


Model Number


Brand Name:


Molecular weight:


Boiling Point:

2980 ℃

CAS No.:




Melting point:

2054 ℃


Alumina Ceramic


used for grinding and polishing

Product name white fused alumina/WA/white aluminum oxide powder
purity 99.9-999.99%
Molecular weight 101.96
CAS 1344-28-1
EINECS 215-691-6
MOQ 1kg
Sample Availiable
Packing 25 Kg Pp Bag
Storage Cool Dry Place
Classification ALUMINA
MF Al2O3
Place of Origin Hebei, China
Grade Standard Industrial Grade
Appearance White Powder
Application Used
Brand Name SUOYI
Model Number SY-AL2O3

Al2O3 is an inorganic chemical reagent with chemical name Aluminum oxide. It is also called as Alpha-Alumina, alumina, alundum or aloxide.

Applications of aluminium oxide

Most of the aluminium oxide produced is used to form aluminium metal. Oxygen typically catalyses corrosion in reaction with the metal aluminium. However, when bonded with oxygen to form aluminium oxide, a protective coating forms and prevents further oxidation. This adds strength and makes the material less vulnerable to deterioration.

Industries that use aluminium oxide include:
Medical industry
Due to aluminium oxide’s hardness, bio-inertness and chemical properties, it is a preferred material for bearings in hip replacements, as prostheses, bionic implants, prosthetic eye substitutes, tissue reinforcements, dental crowns, abutments, bridges, and other dental implants. It is also used in lab equipment and tools like crucibles, furnaces and other labware.

Military and protective equipment
Aluminium oxide’s strength and lightweight qualities contribute to enhancing body armours, like breastplates, as well as vehicle and aircraft armour, which is its biggest market. 
Aluminium oxide is also used in synthetic-sapphire bulletproof windows and ballistics .

Electrical and electronics industry
Its high melting and boiling points, in addition to its excellent thermal resistive properties, make aluminium oxide desirable in the manufacture of high-temperature furnace insulations and electrical insulators. Alumina films are also vital components in the microchip industry. Some of its other uses include spark plug insulators, micro-electric substrates and insulating heatsinks . 

Gem industry
Aluminium oxide is a valuable element in the formation of rubies and sapphires. Its crystalline form, corundum, is the base element for these precious gems. Rubies owe their deep red colour to chromium impurities while sapphires get their variant colours from traces of iron and titanium [6].

Industrial applications
Since alumina is chemically inert, it is utilised as a filler in plastics, bricks, and other heavy clayware, like kilns. Due to its extreme strength and hardness, it is often used as an abrasive for sandpaper. It is also an economical substitute for industrial diamonds . 
Aluminium oxides are used, as well, for the production of piping components such as elbows, tees, straight pipes, hydro cyclones, reducers, nozzles, and valves. Other applications include the production of various machining tools, cutting tools, thermocouple sheaths, wear-resistant pump impellers, and baffle plates
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