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SUOYI High Purity 99.8%Min Spherical Aluminum Powder Silvery Powder for 3D Printing


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SUOYI High Purity 99.8%Min Spherical Aluminum Powder Silvery Powder for 3D Printing

  • Product Name Spherical Aluminum Powder
  • Purity 99.8%min
  • Particle size 5-25 um, etc
  • Appearance gray black powder
  • CAS No. 7429-90-5
  • Chemical formula Al

Cobalt metal powder

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Aluminum is a silver-gray metal with a relative mass of 26.98, a relative density of 2.55, a purity of 99.5%, an aluminum melting point of 685 degrees, a boiling point of 2065 degrees, and a melting endotherm of 323 kj/g. Aluminum is reductive and highly oxidizable during oxidation. Exothermic. During rapid oxidation, the heat release is 15.5 kj/g per gram. Aluminum is a ductile metal and easy to process. The oxide film on the surface of the metal aluminum is transparent and has good chemical stability.


1. An efficient catalyst: nano-aluminum powder added to the solid fuel rocket, greatly improve the speed of fuel combustion to improve combustion stability;
2. Activated sintering additives: AlN powder mixed with 5 to 10% nano-aluminum body to reduce the sintering temperature, sintered density and thermal conductivity; nano-aluminum integrated components of the substrate, the thermal conductivity about 10 times, can be solve the integrated components of integration.
3.Conductive surface coating of the three metals and scrap metal processing: nano-aluminum activated surface temperature below the powder melting point coating, under anaerobic conditions, this technique can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices.
4.Four widely used high-grade metal paint, composite materials (thermal spraying composite metal powder, ceramic composite steel pipe) military (filler), chemical (various catalysts, pesticides), metallurgy (aluminum thermal metallurgy steelmaking Deoxidizer), shipbuilding (conductive coating), refractory materials (steel-making furnaces, magnesia carbon bricks), new building materials (aerated concrete made gas agents), anti-corrosion materials, fireworks, and so on.

Aluminum powder, also known as silver metallic pigment, is made by adding a small amount of lubricant to pure aluminum foil, pounding and crushing it into a scaly powder, and then polishing it. Aluminum powder is lightweight, has high buoyancy, strong covering power, and good reflection performance for both light and heat. After treatment, it can also become non floating aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints and can also be used as fireworks. Aluminum powder is a major category of metal pigments due to its wide range of applications, high demand, and diverse varieties.

Product Usage

The aluminum powder particles used in pigments are scaly, and it is precisely because of this scaly particle state that aluminum powder has a metallic color and shielding function.
Aluminum powder is commonly known as aluminum silver powder or silver powder due to its silver white metallic luster. Its chemical composition is actually "aluminum", not "silver".
Application scope: Powder coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold card, gold film, textiles, but it will oxidize and turn black when used in water-based paint and paint with acid and alkali. Not recommended for use in situations that require acid and alkali resistance or in combination with rainwater.
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